Coffee Talk (Vol. 5)

QUESTION: How do you bloggers make money?
On one hand, I tend to find this question a little intrusive (well, how exactly do YOU make money and how much???). However, I do understand blogging is a fairly new and intriguing industry, one that continues to grow and attract curiosity. (And, it’s truthfully a question I hear often… so I get it!) Because every blogger is different, I’ll outline a few ways bloggers can monetize content.
First: sponsored posts. In this case, a brand offers a flat-rate payment in exchange for a blogger to post about a given product or service. Sponsored posts can exist solely on a blog, on Instagram, or a combination of blog/social platforms. Whenever a blogger is given money in exchange for a post, he or she must disclose the agreement with a clear statement (e.g. ‘This post has been sponsored…”) or include #ad, #spon, etc. according to FTC regulation. 
Next: affiliate income. Most blogs and websites these days are part of an affiliate network, that offer income to a publisher for recommending a product or referring traffic to a brand’s website. Some affiliates pay per click, while others pay per sale. For me personally, I’m part of an affiliate network that’s based per sale. Meaning, I don’t earn from clicks — rather I have an opportunity to earn a percentage of a commission of any sale that’s purchased from my site and social media. 
Plus: some blogs feature banner ads that can generate income, based on website traffic and/or clicks. (I currently don’t have any banner ads on my site, outside of affiliate links.) 
Lastly, bloggers can earn income through contributing paid content to other networks, hosting events, personal appearances and the like.
QUESTION: It’s January and I’m feeling motivated to get in better shape this year. Any tips for keeping a healthy, active routine that don’t cost a ton of money?
Girl, you and me both. I feel like I’ve slacking in that department and am working to get back on a better track. Some of my favorite inexpensive ‘healthy’ tips are: taking a daily shot of organic apple cider vinegar (the benefits outweigh the taste), sipping tumeric ginger tea during the day, making simple swaps (like choosing stairs over elevator), these little collagen packets (usually around $1.50 at Whole Foods), creating a fun upbeat music playlist to exercise with, and getting in a ‘better than nothing workout’ (i.e. 20 minutes is better than nothing!).
QUESTION: I saw on your Instagram stories awhile back a collection of mixed gold picture frames on your dresser. Can you share where you found them?
Absolutely! They’re the antique brass Pressed Glass Photo Frames by Anthropologie.
QUESTION: Are you keeping any certain traditions to your wedding day? Any you’ll skip?
Fun question! I’d like to include ‘something old, new, borrowed, and blue.’ Other traditions will come to play with our ceremony vows, music, serving cake, etc. There are also many Southern traditions specific to New Orleans we’ll be adopting. And lastly: I can do without the garter and bouquet toss, if you must know 😉
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photo by Aimee Mazzenga | blouse by ASTR

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