Meet William Theodore

On December 9, 2019 at 10:20AM: We welcomed our son, William Theodore McParlan. Our lives and hearts are forever changed!

Meeting him was easily the most beautiful, amazing moment of my life. Being a first-time mom going into labor and delivery, I had little (rather, zero experience) to base any expectations on — but I truly had a positive, calm delivery. And for that, I’m incredibly grateful. We’re now recovering well at home, settling into our new routine and embracing all the newborn snuggles.

I would go through just about anything to have this little one here with us. It’s true: There’s no way to prepare for how much you’ll love your baby. The feeling was instant and totally all-encompassing. Being a mom and seeing Kevin as a Dad makes me weepy. (I can’t help it!)

Soon I’ll share more about William’s birth story, along with my personal experience with hypnobirthing (which I’m convinced benefited my pregnancy and delivery immensely) plus my favorite maternity wear throughout pregnancy and our newborn must-haves.

Welcome, Will!

Newborn Favorites

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