72 Hours in Paris

Our honeymoon began in Paris — the city of love. Both Kevin and I had visited Paris previously years ago, so we were eager to experience the city together as newlyweds. This time, we slowed our itinerary down a bit — being less focused on hitting all the sights — to relax and enjoy each other, eat good food, and truly take in the beauty of Paris.

Where We Stayed

  • Hôtel Alfred Sommier | For the first portion of our visit in Paris, we stayed with Hôtel Alfred Sommier. Once the personal residence of a wealthy sugar magnate, the property was recently restored to a luxury boutique hotel. The hotel is stunning — with quintessential Parisian details throughout and concierge level service. We loved it!
  • K+K Cayre | Following our initial weekend in Paris and week in southern France, we returned for one final night before flying home to Chicago. We booked K+K Cayre last minute and were pleasantly surprised. The location was ideal — central to restaurants, shops, cafes, etc. in St. Germain. We even had a picturesque little balcony overlooking Boulevard Raspail.

Where We Ate

  • Girafe | A few weeks prior, I made dinner reservations for our Saturday evening in Paris at Girafe. Designed by Joseph Dirand, the restaurant is totally posh and elegant — but lively and warm. Our food and service was excellent, too. (An iconic view of the Eiffel Tower doesn’t hurt, either.)
  • Poulette | Our first meal in Paris was delightful at Poulette. Perfectly charming, the restaurant feels like a welcoming cozy neighborhood spot worth visiting over and over again. We ordered steak frites and Côtes du Rhône.
  • La Petite Chaise | Established in 1680, La Petite Chaise is considered the oldest restaurant in Paris. It happened to be located around the corner from our hotel, so we enjoyed a late night dinner here. I had salmon with julienne vegetables and quite possibly the best soupe à l’oignon I’ll ever have.
  • Les Deux Magots | One of the best ways to experience Paris is to post up at a cafe to take in the scenery and passerby traffic. We snagged a great table at Les Deux Magots in St. Germain and had a leisurely lunch together on a sunny afternoon.

Where We Explored

What to Wear

  • SHOES: Okay, okay. You don’t want to sacrifice style — but when you’re walking all over the city… comfortable shoes are a must! Consider wearing flats or slides, a great pair of boots, or even white tennis shoes. (The European brand, Superga, that makes classic sneakers is especially trending lately.)
  • BAG: Go hands-free, if you can. Toting a backpack or crossbody bag is highly convenient, so you’re better able to navigate the city, catch the Metro, and snap photos at a moment’s notice.
  • CLOTHING: The vibe I feel in Paris is urban minimalist. The look on the street tends to be city sleek and monochromatic. Many wear tailored skinny jeans, a menswear-inspired sweater or top, topped with a leather jacket, wool coat, or long trench coat, depending on the season. Accessories and jewelry are worn, but tend to be simple and unfussy.

Have you visited Paris? What are your favorite places to visit and things to do?

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