7 Décor Tips to Style Like a Parisian

posted on: Wednesday, February 24, 2016

decor tips to style your home like a Parisian
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how to style your home like a Parisian
Oh, Paris: je t'aime. I've had an infatuation with France and Parisian culture for years (well, perhaps it's decades now). I remember beginning to learn the language eagerly at a young age and went on to study French in college. While I'd love to jet-set to Paris or Provence again in a heartbeat — a girl can dream! — it's easy to explore destinations and get a taste of local culture, thanks to Pinterest and Instagram. And though we talk frequently about French fashion and beauty (and let's be real: food), there's something about the home interior styles of Parisians that's so chic. A certain je ne sais quoi, non? Here are 7 décor tips to style your home and get the quintessential Parisian look:

GO FOR GOLD. | Touches of gold and antiqued brass add a bit of opulence. These accents don't have to be pricey, either. A side table, mirror, terrarium or small objets are all easy ways to incorporate gold to a space.

EMBRACE WHITE WALLS. | Ever notice how most Parisian apartments have white walls? It's no mistake. White walls allow for a room to feel bright and offer contrast to its furnishings. For accent walls or secondary rooms, try a rich grey, dusty pink, or near black.

SOMETHING OLD, SOMETHING NEW. | The charm of many French apartments lies within its vintage architectural elements, complemented with eclectic furnishings. Try mixing antique finds with newer, edgier pieces like a contemporary piece of art or printed pillows.

HANG A CHANDELIER. | Why not? A chandelier lends elegance and a little sparkle, along with properly lighting a room. The idea is to make your ceiling fixture look original. Browse crystal chandeliers like this favorite and this one on sale.

OPT FOR BOLD ARTWORK. | Just like 'something old, something new,' bold artwork balances vintage elements, like crown molding and tradition millwork. I love this collection for a variety of framed prints and artwork.

HANG LINEN WINDOW SHEERS. | Window treatments give instant drama to a space. If you don't want to go the custom drapes route, window sheers are an excellent (and less-expensive) option.

DON'T FORGET SCENT. | Candles offer ambiance, along with making a space feel like 'home.' Perhaps the most well-known brand originated and beloved in Paris is Diptyque. I adore this candle and home fragrance.

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