Expert Beauty Tips for Valentine's Day

posted on: Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Over my birthday weekend, I was invited to an afternoon at one of Chicago's top salons Agnes O. for professional make-up and hair styling. Truth be told, it was my first time ever having my make-up applied professionally — so I eagerly picked up a few tips and tricks thanks to Sabrina, just in time to share with you for Valentine's Day!

FACE: Want to try contouring, but don't know where to begin? First, select a contour color that is 2 to 3 shades deeper than your natural shade. For contouring, accentuate with warmer shades to bring out a glow. For highlighting, choose a product 2 to 3 shades lighter than your skin tone as an accent. Blend, blend and blend some more… Remember, you can always add a touch more, but blending your contour will make you look radiant and flawless! Lastly, use a blush powder softly on the apples of your cheeks, temples, bridge of your nose and a dash on your chin.

EYES: Going for a smokey eye look? Use a blending brush after making a crescent shape from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye, and smudge to your liking! (Here's an easy guide to follow: Light smudge = accentuates the lashes. Medium smudge = accentuates the eye color. Heavy smudge = deep and sultry.)

LIPS: Can't figure out what lipstick goes best with your skin color? Just follow your natural color, and work with the hues of your skin. While I admire girls who can rock a bold red lip, I know that look isn't best on me! I tend to stick to soft pinks and natural nudes, which Sabrina applied to me.

BROWS: On occasion, I like my brows to appear a bit fuller — but not necessarily darker. That's why I love Sabrina's product, Brow Fixx in "Blonde", which gives brows the perfect shape, tint, and beautiful finish to frame your face.

HAIR: Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion for soft, romantic waves or a fun hairstyle, like a side fishtail braid, for getting together with girlfriends. For voluminous waves like April styled for me, she recommends using a 1.5" curling iron or wand, curling sections of hair away from your face. She also left the bottoms of each strand straight (off of the iron), which maintained the length to my hair. April finished my hair with a touch of teasing for extra volume and finishing spray that kept my hair gorgeous all night (and in to the next day!).

Special thanks to Beauty Babe by Sabrina Danyla, April Telman, Lindsay, and the entire team at Agnes O. Salon!

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