St. Germain Rosé Cocktail

posted on: Thursday, January 9, 2014

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La Rosette: it's simple, not too sweet, and downright pretty. Just two ingredients, La Rosette combines sparkling wine and St. Germain liqueur. If you haven't tried St. Germain before, it's best described as a slight pear, peach or lychee flavor. St. Germain is actually derived from elderflower, a small white blossom that only blooms for a few days in Spring, and has quite a history in mixology.

Try this simple two-ingredient recipe for a La Rosette cocktail:
• 1/2 part St. Germain
• Sparkling wine (brut rosé, or your favorite bubbly, will do)

Directions: Pour St. Germain into a chilled champagne flute, top with sparkling wine, stir slightly, and serve. Enjoy!

Original recipe and images via Style Me Pretty


  1. I love St. Germain! These pictures are so lovely. Must try!

  2. This look fantastic! As if the recipe didn't have me sold, the pictures are just so pretty, and you really can't go wrong with rose! Style Me Pretty does no wrong :)
    xox Monica
    Cake & Lilies

  3. Such a pretty cocktail and not one I've tried before! Loved reading about the elderflower and the history behind the drink. A definite must try!!!

    1. Thanks, Minka! I enjoyed discovering more of its history, too :)

  4. How lovely! Beautiful photos…going to try this one out. Thanks!

  5. I love a cocktail with sparkling wine in it, looks delicious!

  6. i have never had st germain but they way you describe it i think i would LOVE this cocktail! will have to find a reason to make it soon!

    xo mk

  7. This looks amazing!! I'm adding the recipe to my Pinterest!

  8. I love easy cocktails with sparkling wine (I usually mix Aperol with prosecco to make a spritz cocktai). I will have to try this one next weekend!

  9. That is my very favorite cocktail as well--so simple and refreshing with a hint of fancy :)


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