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posted on: Friday, January 31, 2014

• A simple guide to the perfect at-home manicure.
• This Mara Hoffman collection would be perfect for a beach getaway.
• Stunning Oscar de la Renta collection of stationery and invitations.
• This collection of organic and natural beauty products is worth a try.
10 high-interval treadmill workouts to tone up and boost endorphins.
• Lots of fun Valentine's Day inspiration to get in the spirit.
• An inspiring read: 37 truths about life.

What things around the web are you loving lately? I hope you have a fantastic Friday!


  1. Wow - such a great amount of information and inspiration in this post!!! Plenty to ponder and enjoy over the weekend. The Valentine's Day photos and ideas are so much fun!

  2. My left hand always looks so great when I paint my nails but my right is always messy because I have shaky hands haha, I need to look at that link for tips. Have a great weekend Laura!

    1. haha, I can totally identify, Alex! Practice makes perfect :) Have a great weekend! xo


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