Coffee Talk (Vol.1)

QUESTION: What’s your favorite place for brunch in Chicago?

I have several favorite spots for brunch… and always a growing list of new places to visit. A handful of personal favorites in Chicago include Summer House Santa Monica, The Allis, Beatrix, Maple & AshKanela and Nellcote. For quick, casual grab-and-go breakfasts, try Goddess and Grocer, Little Goat Bakery and Southport Grocery. Bon appetit!
QUESTION: Where did you find your coffee table?
This is a question I receive often! I found our coffee table online on Overstock, of all places. To me, it looks similar to a table I liked by Restoration Hardware… but costs considerably less. You can find the exact table available here.
QUESTION: I recently graduated college and am now in the job interviewing process. Any tips or advice for going into interviews? (I get so nervous, ugh!)
Congratulations on graduation! Post-grad life can feel exciting, but scary, too. Interviews are always nerve wrecking, no matter your industry or stage of life. The best advice beyond the basics of being prepared (familiarizing yourself with the company, being well-versed in articulating your experience, and demonstrating what you can offer the employer) is to approach the interview with confidence. Understand your interviewer WANTS you to succeed. (They did ask you to the interview, right?) The interviewer isn’t there to ‘trick’ you — think of it as a two-way conversation, where you can determine if the job is a good fit for you, too. I’d also recommend preparing responses for those quintessential questions (i.e. “Tell me about yourself.”) You may not have a perfect answer on paper, but how you handle yourself will speak volumes. A good way to calm nerves is to begin your interaction with casual (but professional and appropriate) small talk. I’ve always felt much better having established a small friendly connection prior to jumping into the formal interview. Best wishes to you!
QUESTION: What are the most comfortable pair of heels you own?
Good question! I’ll be honest: the most comfortable heels for me are blocked and 2-3 inches in height, like these under $100 and this splurge-worthy pair that’s like jewelry for your feet. They may not appear so, but the absolute most comfortable designer pairs I own are Valentino Rockstuds and Aquazzura Wild Thing heels. A good classic and comfortable heel under $120 are by Sam Edelman, available in multiple colors.
QUESTION: Where are you going on your honeymoon?
Hmm… let me get back to you on that one! We’ve really focused our efforts so far on our ceremony and wedding celebration, but soon we’ll begin brainstorming and planning honeymoon travel. I’m thinking my fiancé and I will want a mix of relaxation and adventure… if you have any suggestions, feel free to share any ideas or where you honeymooned!

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