Month: July 2014

Summer Style (under $100)

Once fall collections start to hit the stores, do you get excited to transition from summer to the new season? While I’m not quiiite there yet (hoping summer lasts as long as possible!),  I am thinking of ways to incorporate…

Baby Girl

This past weekend will be remembered as a special one: I met my newborn niece, Emma! She was born July 22 and is the sweetest. As an aunt, I’m looking forward to many more times with Emma ahead 🙂 I…

Hot Pink Dress

Pink has always been a fun, go-to color for me to wear, so when I first saw this dress I knew it’d become one of my favorites. Beyond its color, I love its form-fitting style, quality, and meaning behind the…

Coastal Decor

What influences your personal decorating style? I’d say my own taste is influenced by elements of the beach, as my eye gravitates toward crisp whites, traditional lines, and chic coastal colors. While I live in Chicago, I like to add…

Summer Snapshots

{fresh berries at Chicago’s Green City Market — yum!} {… and perhaps my favorite section of the market} {enjoying a sunny day on the lake} >> Shop: dress (in 14 colors!) {keeping cool with a dip in the pool} {making my way through…

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Happy Friday, everyone! Today marks the beginning of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It’s the absolute best time to find new fall items on sale before they go back to their regular price on August 4th. There are plenty of amazing…

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