20 Simple + Sweet Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Hello, February! With a certain holiday to celebrate soon: I came up with 20 inexpensive ideas that are festive, fun and nearly-free for Valentine’s Day…

• Bake or give a dessert (cupcakes or chocolate are always welcome!)

• Watch a romantic movie together.

• Make and share a playlist of favorite love songs.

• Get crafty and make your own valentine.

• Frame a sentimental photo (or post it to Facebook/Instagram!).

• Make a toast over a glass of wine or champagne.

• Treat a friend or co-worker to coffee.

• Write a list of “10 Things I Love About You” for someone special.

• Craft a festive Valentine’s Day cocktail.

• Write someone a love letter.

• Give a friendly compliment to a stranger.

• Enjoy a night together at home, sans-TV, cell phone or Internet.

• Fill a room with balloons (tealight candles and rose petals will do, too!).

• Cook a new recipe together for dinner.

• Give a phone call to someone you haven’t spoken to in awhile.

• Take a walk together through your neighborhood or park.

• Give a bouquet of flowers (there are often roses at Trader Joe’s for $5).

• Re-create your first date together.

• Prepare breakfast in bed.

• Visit a museum together (I always love the Art Institute in Chicago).

Do you have any additional ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day? I’d love to hear!

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