10 Tips for a Productive Day

There’s no time like the present (or a Monday morning!) to get productive. Whether you work in an office or at home, how do you stay motivated and tackle your week?  I decided to share what works best for me to make the most of days, here in no particular order:
1. Tackle something right away. Resist the snooze button and get the morning started! Even the most simple accomplishments help me feel ready to take on the day. Making the bed, unloading the dishwasher, tidying up the kitchen, organizing my purse, etc. These little tasks only take a few minutes, but always help get me in the productive mindset for the rest of the day.

2. Prioritize. Determine what needs to be done now, tomorrow, and later this week. Setting priorities puts things into perspective and helps break down what’s most important. I like keeping an “at a glance” monthly calendar, as well as a daily to-do list, to keep on track with monthly commitments and goals.

3. Make a to-do list. One of the most satisfying things is crossing off a completed task list! Sometimes it’s helpful to make a daily to-do list the night before, so you can go to sleep stressing less about the next day. I love these to jot down to-do’s, notes and ideas that pop up during the day.

4. Get some fresh air. If possible, try to get outdoors during the day. Take a break to walk around the block, grab a coffee down the street, or enjoy your lunch outside. Being able to take a few breaths of fresh air always helps to clear my mind and feel refreshed.
5. Wear something you love. When I wear something I love, I feel an extra boost of confidence — don’t you? That might mean wearing a certain color, a meaningful piece of jewelry, a bold lipstick, a spritz of fragrance, or a pair of heels that make you feel like a million bucks.
6. De-clutter. Less is more! You know what they say: cluttered space, cluttered mind. Organize your workspace, as well as your closet, so you begin each day in control and without a messy mindset.

7. Disconnect. Easier said than done, especially when your work is tied to email or the phone. Try to disconnect (as much as you can!) to avoid unnecessary distractions and get down to business.

8. Stay focused and positive. One of my favorite ways to find inspiration is to browse Pinterest, especially motivating quotes and words of wisdom. I also love the idea of framing and placing these prints near your workspace.

9. Get moving. Even a little exercise, like stretches or a quick walk, can make a big impact. Exercise (and keeping a healthy diet) always helps me stay energized and prepared to conquer the day.

10. Reward yourself. Having something to look forward to is a motivating factor to power through my to-do list. Meeting a friend for happy hour, trying a new restaurant, planning a weekend getaway, or treating myself to a manicure (or fro-yo) seems to work 😉 It’s all about balance, right?!

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